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New Political Blog From The Entertainment Critic: An Open Letter


Senator Clinton, Her Supporters, and My Friends in Obama:

Thank you for such a beautiful moving speech, and the endorsement of Barack Obama. I can only hope that we bring our party and our country together now with this speech as a springboard. I will do my best to help to get Barack elected. I hope that you, your daughter, Pres. Clinton, and your supporters will be inspired to unite with us and work to make the hopes and dreams of the American people a reality. I hope to see you and yours working as hard for Barack as you did for yourself. Please accept my extended hand in friendship. Welcome to our fight. A fight none of us can afford to lose.

There are two different kinds of fights. There is the kind of fight where you are angry; you have been wronged and you choose to fight. A line has been drawn in your mind and you will back up no further, it is a matter of choice. Then there is the other kind of fight. The type of fight we are engaged in now. The type of fight we must wage against John McCain, George Bush and the out of touch, inhumane Republican Party. This is the other kind of fight. The other kind of fight is a fight you must fight. As my Dad used to say, “When you are backed into a corner” and you have no choice, where there is no way out and you opponent has made it impossible to negotiate or talk. This is a fight that has been forced upon you. It is the other kind of fight. It is the fight that you have to fight; where you must fight, where every fiber in your being tells you that there is no real choice any more; you must come out swinging. Not only must you make a showing, you must win. You can’t just show up to prove a point. You can’t mail it in. You cannot make an appearance, and raise your hand in some moral victory. No, this is a fight you must win to survive. For you to maintain your way of life, for you to effect change, for you to have the opportunity to even begin to resolve issues, you must be victorious. Make no mistake about it, this is a must fight, not a want to fight situation. This is an ‘I have to fight’ situation.

The fight against John McCain is a ‘must win fight.’ Let’s not kid ourselves about this. 7 years of Republican, George W. Bush politics is more than enough already; it has been too much. It is the threat to our American Way of Life that we should be the most concerned about. It has to go. Change must take place. We cannot afford another 4-8 yrs of the same old, same old any more. As Barack says, our time is now, we cannot afford to wait another 7 years, the time for a change is now.

We cannot afford the politics of the first war in American history, that the President of the United States has sent our men and boys into harms way by fabricating tales of weapons of mass destruction and the existence of evil al-Qaeda Forces in Iraq, and committing us to a war that he knew if we knew the truth, we would have never supported or consented to;

We cannot afford the continued policies of staying the course in this war that John McSame proposes even if it lasts 100 years while he is singing bomb Iran to an old Beach Boys tune;

We cannot afford the loss of even one more life to based on such a grossly negligent and criminal misrepresentation of a lie to the American People, where we have lost over 4,000 of our sons and daughters;

We cannot afford the cost of a war that we were told would last 6 weeks and has dragged on for over 5 years at a cost in excess of 3 Billion dollars and rising, when we could use those same monies to educate and support those same children here at home;

We cannot afford John McCain’s apparent program of more war and less jobs;

We cannot afford the loss of recognition as leaders of the free world, and we must return to the true examples of justice and freedom our allies and foes alike abroad, the politics of democracy forced upon other at the end of a gun must stop; We can no longer base our communications with foreign leaders on the basis of avoiding some policy of ‘appeasement’; We should never negotiate out of fear, but we should never fear to negotiate. It’s very simple isn’t it? How can you cling to a failed diplomatic approach and expect better results? It is a policy that has failed to make us safer. It is a policy that has motivated our Iraq to continue its nuclear policy. It has made the left wing insurrectionists in Iraq stronger. Our continued presence there threatens not only our safety, but Israel’s as well. This is McCain’s policy despite the fact that polls show the majority of Americans want talks with foreign leaders of countries we are isolating, like the type Barack Obama has expressed

We cannot afford to have the divisions that have been created in our country, that have been subliminally forced upon us by the practice of fear politics that have been used to divide us by race, sex, age, experience and education, we cannot afford the McCain-Bush practices of manipulation of one American against the other;

We cannot afford an uncaring, inhumane, unfeeling administration who has completely and totally failed to respond to the needs, concerns and agonized screams of it populous, as if they were a monarchy based on bloodline and not the elected servants of the people who are endowed with certain inalienable rights, the include the 1st Amendment right to free speech to engage in the free marketplace of ideas without fear of reprisal from our government; John McCain’s skin is so thin he is rumored to have his people already removing You Tube videos that make him look bad, including his recent come to Jesus speech in New Orleans, the site of the worst natural disaster in recent American history, where the Bush Administration deplorably neglected to respond, and McCain himself is said to have voted several times against aid to the people of that city, and against aid to help the needy and injured clean up their town far less restore their dignity; McCain voted twice against the creation of a commission to investigate the levy failures in New Orleans, and he voted against the Katrina response, investigations to find out what happened as a result of Katrina, to avoid a reoccurrence, in September of 2005 and again in February of 2006; or his vote against aid for the Katrina victims in 2005; his vote against extending for 5 months of Medicaid payments to Katrina victims or his vote against the $28 billion dollar emergency funding bill for Katrina victims. The government is there to serve the people and to act for the people, where the people cannot act for themselves. The government is there is to serve it people and to help where help is called for. Government that fails to answer the call the of its people is worse than no government at all. We don’t need another deaf government.

We can no longer afford the economic practices of trickle down economics where the rich get rich and the poor die young, and the middle class ceases to exist, all in the names of irresponsible corporations, banks, and mortgage companies that give their failing executives huge golden parachutes while they take over your small business, deny you the help you need and foreclose on your home; John McCain like Bush will argue that the tax breaks to big business will help us all, but in the past 7 years our economic growth is at an all time low, our monetary crisis is acute, and our mortgage crisis is a national disgrace; all this is supported by Teflon John, who states he doesn’t know much about the economy. John, you’re right, you don’t know anything about the economy, except to parrot the failed philosophy of an uncaring, immoral, criminal administration that has done nothing except to line its own pockets and their lobbyist friends at our expense;

We can’t afford lobbyists like John McCain’s Phil Gramm who is the poster child for the mortgage crisis where McBush wants to take care of the banks and lenders and leave the homeowner who is being pushed out his/her home on the basis of an unconscionable mortgage contract with no bailout in sight; Gramm by the way as a lobbyist has made life easier for terrorists and our enemies; not something you heard enough about. He allegedly has provided tax shelters in foreign banks that support terrorists for rich people in the U.S. McCain call him a great American. (Here is a question John: If your guy has helped our enemies and the enemies of Israel, how can you with a straight face, take a tough stance on the enemies of Israel? By continuing to support Gramm, aren’t you indirectly supporting the enemy?) This hard line stance against terror backed by the global pursuits of profits at all costs, including against the best interests of the American People seems inconsistent to me. On by the way, another one of your guys, lobbyist Charlie Black has been busy lobbying for a Chinese energy company that has interests in Iran, kinda like Dick Cheney’s Halliburton. Hypocritical to the end when justifying the McBush foreign policy. Oh, yeah and the one place the Bush Administration has diplomatic activity in North Korea, John wants to stop that. John stopping the conversation, even with the crazies is not working.

We can’t afford the continued practice of warrantless wiretaps on the phones, computers, and e-mails of ordinary American citizens, that break the law by claiming executive privilege under Article II of the Constitution, and using the politics of fear to justify these action as necessary against the war of terrorism, when in fact you are acting as Big Brother with these continued immoral, illegal, unjustifiable actions, that in effect violate 200 years of Constitutionally protected rights under the Bill of Rights, right that came into existence to protect the ordinary citizen against the exact kind of tyranny that President Bush practices and recently John McCain has embraced; “There are some areas where the statues don’t apply such as surveillance of overseas communications.”

We can no longer afford the practices of water boarding, or torture, or other inhuman practices with those we choose to detain and question as potential terrorist criminals; we cannot deny we engage in these practice if we do we have to own up to it and we cannot cavalierly dismiss them as fraternity boy pranks;

We can no longer afford the McBush policies of:

· The endless commitment to the war in Iraq;
· The endless commitment to occupation in Afghanistan;
· The endless commitment to the occupation of Pakistan;
· A policy against the expanding health care coverage to kids or uninsured adults;
· Tax cuts to the rich and multinational corporations and none for the middle and lower class;
· International fear of diplomacy with Americas enemies;
· Allowing the unfettered gasoline companies to dictate policy to the detriment of the American People;
· Allowing the unconscionable action of banks to dictate policy to the detriment of the American People;
· The opposition of a new GI bill because it might encourage soldiers to leave the service sooner, and ignoring that it may attract to the service sooner;
· The opposition of Roe v Wade and the right to an abortion and women’s rights in general;
· The appointment of Supreme Court Justices who also oppose Roe v Wade, and the guarantee of a anti-populist approach for years to come
· John McCain has a 95% voting record of going along with George W. Bush

We have a terrific juxtaposition of policies and we are at a definite crossroads in the history of our country. We need you help to overcome the policies of McBush. We need to ‘restore our image as the last best hope on earth’ not just for the United States, but for the whole world. Do we want more of the same? Do we need a change?

Make no mistake, we as democrats must unite, set aside our differences. We must fight. This is a must fight, fight. This is a fight against more of the same failed policies and anti-American philosophies that have failed us for nearly a decade. We must assure that the old neutral bad news guy does not win, for what is fresh, new and visionary. And more importantly, for what has become a mandatory imperative.

Barack has said it better than I can, but nonetheless, he is right.

There is no White America.

There is no Black America;

There is no Asian America;

There is no Native America;

There is no Male America;

There is no Female America;

There is no Educated America;

There is no Uneducated America;

There is no White Collar America;

There is no Blue Collar America;

There are no Hillary people;

There are no Barack people;

There is just us. United. Together. Fired Up and Ready to Go.

The Democratic party of Roosevelt and Kennedy.

The United Democratic Party of 2008

There is only one America, The United States of America.

We are the party of the United States of America.

We will no longer practice the politics of division in our country or in our party.

Welcome. We need your help against a powerful, dividing, all encompassing enemy.

Welcome to our ‘must fight, must win election.’

We are Fired Up and Ready to Go.

Yes We Can!


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